¡The great tradition gaucho festival of Argentina, very close to Buenos Aires!

If you happen to come to Argentina you cannot miss the Tradition Festival, the oldest gaucho celebration of the Buenos Aires Province. The one which gathers the largest number of gauchos with their impressive clothing, and horses carrying astonishing silver ornaments; horse riding and games with rioplatense tack, and strings of horses spotlessly trained.

A festival without sponsors where the purity and rigor of customs and traditions of the gaucho are kept as in the old days: the elegant criollo dances, musicians with ancestral repertoires, old traditions which have never disappeared, horse riding skills, a red wine, a good barbecue (asado), long lasting guitarreadas, casual chats, the life of town people… An exceptional environment that fills arequeros (local city dwellers) with pride while the city is all decked out for the visit. This is the special moment in which the tourists’ cameras and national and international journalists compete to take the best portrait of this unique cultural event in the Argentine Republic. Don’t miss the next tradition day festival, only in San Antonio de Areco, which is about an hour and a half ride from the city of Buenos Aires. If you`re looking for hotels in Areco, check out this page.