Estancia relax in the Pampa Region

The Pampa is home to one of the most enduring images of Argentina: the gaucho on horseback, roaming the plains. All over the pampas there are quiet, unspoiled towns where gaucho culture is still very much alive. One of impeccably preserved gaucho towns very much worth visiting are San Antonio de Areco. The former is home to expert craftsmen, working silver and leather in the traditional gaucho way.

Many estancias are located in the Pampas region, the fertile South American lowlands covering more than 289,577 square miles. This region produces some of the best polo ponies in the world.

With a lack of beach destinations in Argentina, estancias also fulfil the role of being a place to come and relax. Beautifully trimmed gardens surrounding swimming pools and the ‘make yourself at home’ approach of many owners provides a lovely opportunity to take it easy during your Argentina trip.

The estancias offer many different activities. Some estancias, such as Estancia El Colibri and Estancia Villa Maria, El Ombu de Areco, Estancia Hotel Cecilia those allows guests to get involved with traditional activities with horses and the meals are based around the traditional Argentine ‘asados’ (barbecues) and ‘pucheros’ (stews).

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